The Story Behind The Cookery

Coming from Liberia, Pheme & Melvin and their late mother affectionately called “SB” we’re always assisting the community cooking for weddings, parties, receptions, and fundraisers. It was then we decided to do something amazing!! After a few long nights of brainstorming and having a few cocktails, our “dream child” was born.


Welcome and enjoy the cuisine of Pheme and Melvin Cookery. We were encouraged and taught by our mother, the late Sabina Davis. She was the best cook we have ever known. My sister and I always wanted to try our own concept, and thought: “why not?” making Providence, RI our first location! Over the years, we have been fortunate in providing our services to events located in all of New England, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Chicago, Texas, and California. Pheme and Melvin is a moderately priced themed catering service, which targets all of your catering needs. We believe that in order to have a great event you must have great tasting food; the food along with the DJ is vital. For this reason, the “Art of Cooking” is our primary care. Pheme and Melvin cookery is completely family oriented, guiding our guests through the process and selection of Appetizers to Entrees.





Providence, RI

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